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The most common ants found on Vancouver island are the carpenter ant, odorous house ant, pavement ant . Occasionally, pharaoh ants may show up in multi dwelling buildings. It is important to identify which type of ant is causing problems since the treatment differs depending on the species.

What to look for

Odorous house ants are among the most difficult to control because they are bait resistant. They are also very adaptable and create numerous sub colonies, nesting beneath ground debris including wood piles, bricks, mulch, loose bark, etc. They may also invade spaces in walls, below carpets, etc. Eliminating odorous ants involves locating each sub-colony and treating it directly and to keep going back until all colonies are gone.

Pavement ants are one of the commonest and trickiest ant pests. They like to set up thousand-strong colonies beneath sidewalks and foundations and may also nest build beneath bricks, stones or compost heaps. You have probably seen these ants foraging food crumbs on your kitchen counter or trailing around in your bathroom. Locating the actual nest of pavement ants can be difficult but this is essential if they are to be eliminated.

Carpenter ants like to colonise wood or underground tunnels and can cause extensive structural damage if left untreated. They have a vicious sting when disturbed so be careful how you approach their nests. You may sometimes see carpenter ants flying from their nests to mate before the females burrow back underground to set up a new colony.

Pharaoh ants are among the most difficult to control. They are commonly found in commercial or institutional buildings where they colonise the spaces behind baseboards or set up home under floor surfaces or at the back of closets. Pharaoh ants are generally introduced to their new nest from contaminated items brought in from outside. Spraying them with insecticide actually makes them worse as the survivors will break off into small groups and find new places to colonize. These ants are best treated by a thorough and persistent baiting program.

How to identify ants

Ants are identified by looking at key features. Some of these features include the abdomen, thorax, head, antenna, & node. If you are not sure which species of ants are invading your space contact your professional pest control applicator for the right advice.

How we can help

Whatever the species, the first step in resolving an ant issue is to identify which type of ant is causing the problem. At Bug Busters Pest Control, our knowledgeable technicians have a thorough understanding of ant habits and nesting sites and are experts in devising action plans to suit the species that is affecting you.

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