Rodents include a large group of biologically similar animals, such as mice, rats, and beavers. When it comes to infiltrating homes and office buildings, rats and mice are always on the top of the list. They are not only a nuisance but can also cause property damage and transmit diseases. 

You know they’re lingering around in your house or commercial building, when you see rodent droppings near a food source, or when you see shredded fabric, furniture, cables, or paper lying around. In the winters, they may seek shelter under the hood of your car engine, as it provides them warmth. During their stay, they may merrily munch on some essential engine component of your car and cause damage. 

Rodents have two large incisors, which constantly grow. They require regular source of chewing materials in order to maintain them at a comfortable length. Their incredibly strong teeth allow them to chew through materials such as plastic, brick, concrete and even metal. 

Like humans, rodents are warm-blooded animals and are found throughout the world. Most species of rodents do not actually need to drink water to survive. Mice can typically attain all of their hydration needs from the food that they consume. Even when eating dry meals such as cereals and grains. 

Most species of rodents, including rats and mice are highly social. They do not thrive when living alone. They tend to become depressed and lethargic when lonely. An extensive study conducted within the social groupings of rodents deduced that they take care of sick and injured members of their group rather than shunning them, which many mammalian species do. 

Rats easily fall victim to peer pressure, as they copy or pursue what other rats do. So beware, if you think there’s only one mouse skulking around your residential or commercial space, you may need to reconsider your thoughts. 

Bug Busters Pest Control Treatment Methods Include:

Rodent control often begins with an intensive trapping method with the help of integrated pest management methodologies. Our professional technicians conduct structural inspections of your entire house or commercial space, in order to locate the different entry points. Most rodent control programs come with our industry leading warranty program (Subject to building conditions)! We educate our clients about the different behaviors of rodents under various conditions and also give them essential tips to control and prevent rodents from entering their property. 

Bug Busters Pest Control offers rodent decontamination services. Call us for a complete evaluation of the contaminated crawlspace area, so that our trained technicians can clean-up the area effectively. 

We use different rodent treatment methods: 

To prevent and reduce the ability of rodents from entering your property
To monitor and control rodents, in order to protect your home or business
To thoroughly evaluate your property to identify entry points
To set up traps which simply cannot be evaded
To prevent re-infestation by sealing any possible exterior entry ways.


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Rodent Contamination Removal & Dropping Removal

Bugbusters Pest Control  offers rodent decontamination services. . All services performed  to WorkSafe BC standards.

 Norway Rat and Roof Rat

The Norway rat and roof rat are the two most common rats found on Vancouver island.  rats enter buildings causing destruction in many ways. They can scurry up rough vertical walls and even pipes. They gnaw holes in walls, floors, and baseboards. Rats are known to chew electrical wire. Their droppings contaminate surfaces, and they get into kitchens contaminating and destroying food.  A small infestation can get out of control very quickly.

The House Mouse

The house mouse have several litters per year of 2–7 young each. The gestation period is 21–24 days. Adult house mice range in size from 5 to 8 inches. The ears are moderately large and distinct. They range in colour from light brown to dark nearly black.

Mice feed heavily on weed seeds, insects, household garbage, and food found in our kitchens. Mice are nocturnal. When seen during the day this is an indication of high rodent infestation and or signs that the use of rodenticides is in use. There are a number of types of tools used to eliminate rodents from your property. The most commen would be rodenticides, snap traps, glue boards, and live traps.

Future infestations can be minimized by removing unused items and harbourage areas on the exterior of the property. Sealing secondary access points – taps, gas lines, vents at ground level with take away possible entry points.  The weakest point a residential structure are front doors, back doors, and garages if attached. Remembering not to store household items near these entry points will stop mice taking advantage of an open door. The weakest point in a commercial structure is usually overhead doors. Remembering to keep doors closed when not in use will stop mice from having easy access to all structures.

Elimination of mice can be difficult and may require the services of a professional applicator. Bug Busters has a variety of pest management programs which will get you pest free in a professional and timely manner.