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Cockroaches  [Cockroaches]

Of the many different types of cockroaches in North America,  The German Cockroach is the most common. These cockroaches can be found just about anywhere including restaurants, hotels, commercial properties and residential homes.

What to look for

German Cockroaches start out by colonizing kitchen and bathroom areas where they can be close to heat, moisture and their food sources.  Like all cockroaches, the German cockroach will eat just about anything we humans can, as well as other food stuffs we wouldn’t dream of touching, including soap, toothpaste and glue. In fact, any starchy, sugary, fatty substance will do and, in times of food shortages, German cockroaches will even turn cannibalistic and devour each other’s legs and wings.

Cockroaches are usually most visible and active in the evening hours when they come out to feed. They spend most daylight hours hiding in cracks and crevices.

Eliminating German cockroaches can be difficult due to their prolific breeding pattern, their ability to hide in small spaces, and the short time between hatching and reaching reproductive maturity. If you do not manage to eliminate at least 95% of a colony you will probably find yourself facing the same problem over again within a few short weeks.

How to identify a German Cockroach

The German Cockroach is the most common. It can be recognized by the two dark, lengthwise stripes that run from the head to the base of its wings (though it cannot fly). They are prolific breeders with each egg capsule containing up to 40 eggs that hatch after only 45 days. These cockroaches are very successful because of their high reproduction rates and because the female hangs on to its egg sack until the last minute, which means a higher survival rate for the nymphs.

What we can do to help

For this reason we recommend that you call in the expertise of a professional pest management company such as Bug Busters. We use the latest and best practices in the industry. This will provide a pest free environment in a professional and timely manner.Type your paragraph here.